About Us

...Serving the Burleson County trade area with over 8,250 readers every week.

The Burleson County Tribune has one of the largest circulations of weekly newspapers in the Central Texas, with a paid circulation of 3,300 and is the only newspaper located in Burleson County. We now offer an online subscription that is available to our subscribers as early as Wednesday mornings.

The Tribune is widely circulated in Caldwell and the Burleson County trade area including the towns of Somerville, Snook, Deanville, Chriesman, Cooks Point, Lyons, Dime Box, Harmony, Frenstat as well as sizeable readership in Brazos and Washington Counties.

 It's not just the large circulation that brings results for our advertisers -- it's also because our subscribers read the Tribune from front to back -- so advertisers know their ad will be seen and read.

Our readers depend on the Tribune for accurate and reliable information on all the news happenings in all the communities in Burleson County and throughout the area.

Besides display advertising, many advertisers, including supermarkets, use the Tribune for color inserts on a weekly and monthly basis